“Representative Glenn Rogers is a staunch defender of the conservative values that have made Texas great. He has been a proponent of our state’s teachers, authoring the supplemental ’13th Check’ legislation that I was proud to sign into law last year. Representative Rogers helped increase border security funding by the largest amount in Texas history and also worked to pass the Texas Heartbeat Act to protect the most innocent Texans. I urge everyone across District 60 to support Representative Rogers for re-election."

Governor Greg Abbott


“As state representative for House District 60, Dr. Glenn Rogers has developed a reputation as a trusted, proven conservative that fights for Texas taxpayers. He worked hard last session to pass measures to protect the unborn, safeguard our Second Amendment rights, and increase border security funding by the largest amount in Texas history. Dr. Rogers is a staunch advocate for Texas schools and our teachers. He led the effort to secure a much-needed 13th check for our retired teachers and increase funding to our local public schools. Through his work on the Transportation Committee, Dr. Rogers has developed key relationships and secured additional funding for our critical infrastructure that will put our region on a path to sustainable growth and economic prosperity. We believe that Dr. Rogers’ experience, his steadfast conservative values, voting record, and leadership are what we need in the Texas House. We are proud to endorse Dr. Glenn Rogers for re-election as state representative for House District 60.”

  • Senator Drew Springer
  • Mayor Kit Marshall, Aledo

  • Mayor Paul Paschall, Weatherford
  • Mayor Doyle Moss, Willow Park


“During the legislative session, Glenn Rogers was a conservative champion and fought to secure our elections, invest $2.8 billion in border security, pass constitutional carry, and protect innocent life by banning abortion after the detection of an unborn child’s heartbeat. I’ve known Glenn Rogers since my days serving as a state representative from the same area, and this long, personal relationship and his conservative record give me confidence in his ability to continue to represent the people of Parker, Palo Pinto, and Stephens counties in the Legislature. As a rancher and veterinarian, local school board member, county Farm Bureau leader, Aggie, and now as state representative, Dr. Rogers embodies the conservative values and work ethic this area needs in the Texas House. I am proud to endorse Dr. Glenn Rogers for re-election as state representative.”

Governor Rick Perry, 2001-2015


“I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Glenn Rogers and his family for many years, and they have been true staples of our community. Dr. Rogers has proven that he is exactly the kind of conservative we need fighting for us at the Capitol. He will continue to prioritize job creation, protect taxpayers, and defend our conservative values, which is why I am proud to endorse him for re-election as state representative to House District 60. The people of Parker, Palo Pinto, and Stephens counties are proud to have Dr. Rogers fighting for us in Austin.”

Congressman Roger Williams

State & National Endorsements

  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott
  • Governor Rick Perry - Former Secretary of Energy & Texas Governor

  • Congressman Roger Williams
  • Congressman Jake Ellzey
  • Congressman August Pfluger

  • Former Congressman Mike Conaway

  • Speaker Dade Phelan

  • Representative David Spiller

House District 60 Sheriffs

  • Palo Pinto County Sheriff Brett McGuire
  • Stephens County Sheriff Kevin Roach

House District 60 Retired County Judges

Judge David Nicklas- Palo Pinto County (Ret)

Organizations & Associations


  • Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE)
  • Texas Parent PAC
  • Texas Vocational Ag Teachers Association
  • Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA)

Law Enforcement & First Responders

  • Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT)
  • Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA)
  • Texas State Association of Firefighters
  • Department of Public Safety Officers Association


  • Life PAC
  • Texas Alliance for Life PAC
  • Abby Johnson, Pro-Life Advocate

Second Amendment

  • National Rifle Association


  • Rural Friends of Electric Cooperatives
  • Texas Farm Bureau AG FUND
  • Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association
  • National Cutting Horse Association
  • Texas Nursery & Landscape Association


  • Texas Medical Association (TEXPAC)

Business & Good Government

  • County Officials PAC
  • Independent Insurers of Texas
  • Texans for Lawsuit Reform
  • Texas Association of REALTORS (TREPAC)
  • National Federation of Independent Business - Texas (NFIB)

City & County Officials

  • Mayor Regan Johnson, City of Mineral Wells
  • Council Member Brian Shoemaker, City of Mineral Wells
  • Council Member Glenn Mitchell, City of Mineral Wells
  • Council Member Jerrel Tomlin, City of Mineral Wells
  • Council Member Carlos Maldonado, City of Mineral Wells
  • Council Member Beth Watson, City of Mineral Wells
  • Council Member Doyle Light, City of Mineral Wells
  • Commissioner Gary Glover, Palo Pinto County
  • Commissioner Mike Reed, Palo Pinto County
  • Commissioner Mike Pierce, Palo Pinto County
  • Commissioner Jeff Fryer, Palo Pinto County
  • District Attorney Kristie Burnett, Palo Pinto County
  • Former Mayor Bruce Pinckard, Town of Annetta
  • Council Member Jim Causey, Town of Annetta
  • Council Member Danny Coffman, Town of Annetta
  • Council Member Shane Mudge, Town of Annetta
  • Council Member Kent Stasey, Town of Annetta
  • Council Member Lea Young, Willow Park
  • Council Member Tyler VanSant, Willow Park
  • Commissioner Larry Walden, Parker County
  • Mayor Bob Sims, Breckenridge
  • City Commissioner Rob Durham, Breckenridge
  • Commissioner David Fambro, Stephens County
  • Commissioner Mark McCullough, Stephens County
  • Commissioner William Warren, Stephens County
  • Commissioner Eric O’Dell, Stephens County
  • Forrest Collins, Aledo ISD School Board
  • Cody Lane, Brock ISD School Board
  • Brian Catlin, Weatherford ISD School Board
  • Mike Guest, Weatherford ISD School Board
  • Commissioner Jack Wilson, Hood County (Hero of the West Freeway Church of Christ Shooting)
  • Mayor Jamie French, Millsap
  • Mayor Sandy Roberts, Town of Annetta
  • Mayor Dorothy Hall, Cool
  • Mayor Teena Conway, Cresson
  • Mayor Don Smelley, Poolville
  • Rick Beall, Springtown ISD School Board
  • Julie Turner, Aledo ISD School Board
  • Council Member Nick Stanley, Aledo

Local Community Leaders

  • Dr. Noel Bryan, Distinguished Veterinarian and Community Leader, Parker County
  • Red Steagall, Renowned Country Music Artist, Parker County
  • Bob Tallman, Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, Parker County
  • Coach Tim Buchanan, Aledo ISD
  • Mary Ann Williamson, Widow of Former Parker County State Representative Ric Williamson