Dr. Glenn Rogers is Endorsed by...

  • State/National Endorsements
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott
  • Congressman Mike Conaway - Texas District 11
  • Governor Rick Perry - Former Secretary of Energy & Texas Governor
  • Jack Wilson – Recipient of the Governor’s Medal of Courage

District 60 – 100% of County Sheriffs

  • Brown County Sheriff Vance Hill
  • Coleman County Sheriff Les Cogdill
  • Eastland County Sheriff Wayne Bradford
  • Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds
  • Palo Pinto County Sheriff Brett McGuire
  • Shackelford County Sheriff Edward Miller
  • Stephens County Sheriff Will Holt
  • Callahan County Sheriff Terry Joy

District 60 – Retired County Judges

  • Judge David Nicklas- Palo Pinto County (Ret)
  • Judge Roger Korn- Callahan County (Ret)
  • Judge Linda Steen-Hood County (Ret)

Prominent Organizations


  • Association of Texas Professional Educators
  • Texas Parent PAC
  • Texas Vocational Ag Teachers Assoc.
  • Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA)

Law Enforcement/First Responder

  • Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas
  • Texas Municipal Police Association
  • Texas State Association of Firefighters


  • Life PAC
  • Texas Alliance for Life PAC


  • Rural Friends of Electric CoOps
  • Texas Farm Bureau AG FUND
  • Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Assoc.
  • National Cutting Horse Association
  • Nursery Landscape Association

Rural Healthcare

  • Texas Society of Anesthesiologists (TSAPAC)
  • Texas Veterinarian Medical Assoc. (TVMA)
  • Texas Hospital Association

Business & Good Government

  • County Officials PAC
  • Independent Insurers of Texas
  • Texans for Lawsuit Reform
  • Texas Realtors Association (TREPAC)

City & County Officials

  • Brown County Commissioners
  • Precinct 1 Gary Worley
  • Precinct 3 Wayne Shaw
  • Precinct 4 Larry Traweek
  • Brownwood Mayor Stephen E. Haynes
  • Brownwood Mayor Pro-Tem Draco Miller
  • Brownwood City Council Larry Mathis
  • Brownwood City Council Walker Wiley
  • Granbury Mayor Nin Hulett
  • Granbury City Mayor Pro-Tem Place 5 Tony Mobly
  • Granbury City Council Place 3 Bruce Wadley
  • City of Mineral Wells Mayor Tammy Underwood
  • City of Mineral Wells Mayor Pro-Tem Jerrel Tomlin
  • City of Mineral Wells Council
  • At Large, Place 1 Brian Shoemaker
  • At Large, Place 2 Regan Johnson
  • Ward 3 Beth Watson
  • Ward 4 Doyle Light
  • Palo Pinto County Commissioners
  • Precinct 1 Gary Glover
  • Precinct 2 Mike Reed
  • Precinct 3 Mike Pierce
  • Precinct 4 Jeff Fryer
  • Palo Pinto County DA Kriste Burnett
  • Shackelford County Commissioners
  • Lanham Martin
  • Cody Jordan
  • Steve Riley
  • Breckenridge Mayor Bob Sims
  • Stephens County Commissioners
  • John “Ed” Russell
  • Mark McCullough
  • William H. Warren
  • Eric O’Dell
  • Coleman Mayor Tommy Sloan
  • Coleman Mayor Pro-Tem: Sharlene T. Hetzel
  • Coleman City Council Sherman Smith
  • Coleman City Council Bobby McGee
  • Coleman City Council Monte Slides
  • Coleman County DA Heath Hemphill
  • Coleman County Attorney-Elect Hayden Wise
  • Eastland Mayor Larry Vernon

Glenn is also "AQ" Rated by the NRA and TSRA, the highest rating available to non-incumbents.

"Rural Texas needs strong rural leaders like Dr. Glenn Rogers to craft conservative policies that reduce the tax burden on property owners, encourage the creation of quality jobs, and prioritize our schools in order to provide a talented, local workforce. I’ve known Glenn Rogers since my days serving as a state representative from the same area and this long, personal relationship gives me confidence in his ability to perform well for the people I proudly represented in the 80’s. As a rancher and veterinarian, local school board member, county Farm Bureau leader and an Aggie, Dr. Rogers embodies the rural values and work ethic this area needs in the Texas House. I am proud to endorse Dr. Glenn Rogers for State Representative."

-Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, 2001-2015